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    Dedicated Server with RAID 5 options

    I've been searching all over the internet for a dedicated server provider that offers RAID 5 support. The only one that I've been able to come up with is Softlayer, which I know has had some network issues over the past year. What other alternatives do I have to get a dedicated server with RAID 5 besides Softlayer?
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    When you get into RAID5 and RAID10s they are not always listed on the site. These are almost always custom quotes as the vast majority of people that want raid, do it for RAID1 or RAID0. Any major datacenter can do this for you, all they need is a server with 3+ drives and a RAID controller. Contact some of the big names like, DedicatedNOW, LayeredTech, RackSpace etc..

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    I would like to protect Soft Layer - they have upgraded their network and we noticed no problems at all with them during past months.

    The VERY good thing with SoftLayer is the fact for $10/month you may order BBU (Batter Backup Unit) which allows SAFELY enable write caching on RAID arrays and this drastically improve performance. From what I know other providers either not provide this service or charge more.

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    Thats a good thing to know . Thanks.

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    Hello. I think that you should search for company that will be able to provide custom dedicated server for you with any RAID technology.

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    Try DedicatedNOW. They may be able to give you a quote on a RAID5 array.

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