Bronx, New York, 11/15/06 ó After months of careful planning and detailing, Domain4Life is proud to announce the release of itís domain reseller program, effectively handing consumers the capability of implementing domain reselling into their businesses.

The Affiliate Program is specifically designed to remain transparent, thus serving your consumers with the impression that youíre a registrar, and is absolutely ideal for anybody seeking to establish another profit stream.

Aside from the obvious benefits this program reaps in, Domain4Life processes payments on your behalf in real time, and efficiently supports your consumers with their purchases, thus saving you a substantial amount of payment, time, resources and effort.

Users of this affiliate program will be equipped with their own domain whois box, and can define their own prices, thus virtually making the profit potential behind this program un-metered.

Having a well established and recognized domain registrar, with years of experience behind you, is without doubt the largest benefit of this deal, and ensures that your client will receive nothing but the best.

Affiliates are paid via commission checks on the twenty fifth of each month, after they have made fifty dollars worth of sales, which in a lot of cases in an extremely generous payout rate.

For additional information about the service please go to

Domain4Life is a reputable domain registrar, which has been a leading player in the international domain registration game for years. The company has continuously proven itself via reliability, innovation and customer service.


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