December 31st, 2006
NationVoice Communications LLC ( is proud to announce the official launch of our highly anticipated new website. Bringing in the New Year of 2007 with a completely new outlook on voice communications using the Ventrilo software. Being #1 in online voice communications, NationVoice understands the importance of keeping up with the fast changing and demanding times. Our mission is to bring our members and future members alike not only the best Ventrilo servers in the marketplace, but also a memorable experience. Along with the new website, we at NationVoice have also redesigned our well known Ventrilo Control Panel. Now known as NationVoice Control Center, you will will find a much faster, efficient and reliable web based portal to control and customize your Ventrilo server as you like. We have listened to our customers and community alike. Taking suggestions for over a year since we implemented our Customer Feedback Program, we let the community voice their opinion. As the name states, NationVoice. Everyone has a voice which needs to be heard and NationVoice Communications is there every step of the way.

Along with the new website and new Control Center, there have been many other changes implemented at NationVoice. For starters we have invested heavily in new hardware at every one of our Worldwide data-center locations, along with best in class Tier-1 bandwidth partnerships at each location. Our core business strategy here at NationVoice Communications is to enhance our brand image and the quality of our services in order to attract new customers. As we build our leading brand name, we are constantly pursuing the following additional business strategies, which include: The development of additional features and benefits for our customers along with continuing to improve the customer experience. Visit our website today and take a full tour of all the great features and benefits we have to offer. Experience the difference of a NationVoice Ventrilo server by signing up today. As an added bonus and incentive to coming over to we would like to offer all new customers signing up on the new website a 20% discount off any server purchase. When placing your order, simply use the code "nV-20" on the Coupon Code section of our order form.

Last but certainly not least, the NationVoice Communications family would like to extend a warm thank you and appreciation to all our supporters out there. From our customers, to our affiliate partners, web design consultants, and of course the community as a whole. Our growth and success in these past years is a direct result of your continued support. To show our appreciation, NationVoice will be giving back in many ways for 2007. Find out more about what NationVoice has planned for the New Year including giveaways, contributions to the community along with special offers by checking our Announcements section on the new website.

Happy New Years
The NationVoice Family
Zachary A. Eadie
on behalf of NationVoice Communications, LLC.