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    What do you do about high resource customers?

    What do you do about customers who use high/unacceptable cpu resources?
    Like for very active mysql forums, bittorrent trackers etc...
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    You might contact the customer and offer them an out saying that their cpu usage is high and offer them a refund for thier month or a specific time limit they have to move thier site. The question is was their site always a high cpu usage site or did it grow from your hosting over time?
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    First thing I'd do is find out if they are running any php scripts. If so, find out if any of them are out of date and might have been exploited by people looking for security vulnerabilites. We've had customers start using lots of resources only to find out they were running outdated versions of Mambo/Joomla or Wordpress that had gotten compromised by some security vulnerability. Scripts can be a major headache when it comes to security.
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    Check to see if its a compromised script. If not, sell them a dedicated or semi-dedicated server.

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    If they are using excessive resources, then explain to them the concept of "shared hosting" and how it is not appropriate for everyone.

    Offer them a discount on your VPS or dedicated servers...

    If they insist on wanting an entire server for shared hosting prices, then send them to or hostway or 1and1 or wherever else. Maybe set up a dreamhost affiliate link and send them there.
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    Always keep the customer and attempt to keep them happy while upselling them at the same time. Never send business away, you worked too hard to get it in the first place.

    Upsell them into a VPS... if they tend to max out their allocations.
    The other alternative is to expand your own allotments and work them in.

    High usage clients are not the rule. They tend to be the exception. yes, someone will say that they use 2 TB of transfer a month. OK, but there will be a thousand other clients who don't use 1 GB. It balances out.

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    I agree with the other posters, try to upsell them to a vps or dedicated server. Rather than saying you can't handle them, tell them they are more suited for something that is meant to support more resource intensive applications (which virtual hosting isn't made for).

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