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    Trouble passing file type parameters


    I have a PHP page that allows a user to enter info into a database and upload 3 images.

    What I want to do is pass the parameters entered to an intermediate page and then to a 3rd page for processing.

    I know how to pass all the text type values but I am having trouble passing the image selection values. ("<input name="imgfile" type="file" id="imgfile">")

    Is there a way to pass the value entered here from one page to another? "<input name="imgfile" type="file" id="imgfile">"

    I cannot seem to find a way to do this without processing it on the very next page after the form is submitted. I need to hold the value and process it on the 3rd or fourth page after the form is submitted.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    No, you can't really store "file" inputs like that. You'll have to do whatever you want with the file on the script it's submitted to.

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    You can just store the information in hidden fields.
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    Use any hidden field for this and it will be used as

    <input name="imgfile" type="hidded" >Type hidded means it is a hidden file and values can be availed by taking post of the hidded fields

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    As brendandonhu said, you can't do that with file inputs. You'll have to upload the file, store it somewhere, do intermediate processing and then move, delete or do whatever you need with the file.

    @creativeartist, it's "hidden", not "hidded".
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