Hey guys,

I am developing a news/current affairs website and I require a dedicated server so after much searching on the web I came across "ewebzone". Basically their sales team have been very helpful towards me and their uptime is 99.909% according to http://www.vistainter.com/reviews/E/ewebzone.net/

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons about this hosting, and is there any better web host that meets my requirements? I would appreciate it if you can all share your experiences with this company.

Link: http://ewebzone.net

Ping: jabby.ewebzone.net

My requirements:

Webspace: 25 GB
Monthly Data Transfer: 100 GB
Under: $34.95 price...

I am going on the Starter package http://www.ewebzone.net/index.php?op...d=18&Itemid=31