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    Ok so I've done my search of the forums look through heaps of reviews, weeded through the oh so many VPS providers and got myself interested at these two companies, both having good reviews at WHT. From then I visited their homepages and browse through their information and plans and here I am now seeking more information.

    Now if I were to solely make a decision on price, then I would probably have gone for Knownhost, but there's so much more to webhosting than pricetags.

    First of all I really like the idea of scalability, I mean going from a low plan VPS and upgrading as I need, and both of these guys offer that. But Knownhost stops at VPS, whereas with Futurehosting I can move over to a Dedicated Server once I grow to that stage.

    But then Futurehosting doesn't offer (as far as I have learnt) additional upgrades such as purchasing my bandwidth, ram etc whereas Knownhost does.

    Both I see have good if not excellent support and management which I also need. And the common items such as cPanel, WHM and whatever else I'm used to are there too.

    Also a big factor for me will be bandwidth. You see I'm planning to run a website which offers downloads of unlicenced anime series (perfectly legal if you remove them as they are licenced) and so if I were to list 100 series at a time that would be 100 series x 26 episodes x 0.2gb = 1300gb and that is only if each episode is downloaded once. Realising that I'm probably going to have to reduce the amount of series I offer due to storage limits.

    But then again the current site in discussion is still in its infancy and we manage to get by using Bittorent.

    So is there any other things I could consider between the two hosts? My mind is still swaying between the two so additional input from others would be great.

    So yeah,

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    Both companies have good reviews around.
    But, both companies have low bandwith in their VPS plans, don't they?

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    If I'm looking at your post correctly you will be needing over 1300 gb
    of disk space plus a lot of bandwidth then I'm not sure a VPS will work.
    Yes you can reduce the listing but you may hit a wall on the bandwidth.
    As far as Futurehosting, I've been with them a short while and they have
    been great.
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    Sorry my mistake, the sum does not equal 1300gb but 520gb.

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    knownhost, I had the pleasure of tryiing them for a month, they are polite and they are good people. Futurehosting uses powerful servers with powerful network - SoftLayer, BUT personally I'm not sure their network is consistent and stable just yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by psyva
    100 series x 26 episodes x 0.2gb = 1300gb
    No, 100*26*.2 is 520Gb

    And you'd therefore require that in Disk Space at a minimum, and many times over in data-transfer allowance.

    A VPS is *not* going to cut it. You should be looking at Enterprise class managed dedicated servers.
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    Yeah but I figured for now I'll start off small with using bittorent for those anime files and only putting Direct downloads for the top 3 or 4 series. That would be enough for VPS. Then as the site grows and I manage to get some funds from advertisements or sposnorships I would scale up and get a dedicated server or two.

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