Hi! I am a newly registered member of the forum, though I have used WHT as a resource for many years. Never registered before though, as I felt it would have been a conflict of interest (I used to work for a hosting firm [Media Temple] for a few years ..tech support /tech support manager/sales). Anyway have been doing IT consulting on my own for a couple of years, have grown weary of user problems, and have begun a new endeavor as a technical consultant for a few entertainment companies to advise/improve/create futuristic systems concepts within screenplays that are in pre-production, putting my overactive imagination, IT experience, principles I learned at the US Navy's Test Pilot School Airborne Systems course, and a stint as a SIGINT analyst in the Army to use. I am married with 2 kids (a daughter, 3, who thinks she is a royal cosmic princess in charge of the universe, and a son, 1 1/2, who defies her higness' royal authority on a daily basis). I am looking forward to the salvation of my soul, and for the day when my children are 18 and have moved out of my house (these two goals may be one and the same...j/k). Nuff bout me...glad to be here.