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    100 - Free Wordpress Skins (For Sale)

    Well I woud rather not sell this site as its only started off but i've got my driving test comming up soon, so I need to get more funds for it and towards a car.

    About The Site

    SkinWorpress offers free wordpress templates. One was released about 1-2 weeks ago and the other was released today, have a look at my post here
    Skin One:
    Skin Two:
    Skin Three (not released, as its not coded:


    No adsense has ever been used on the site, my idea was to wait a while until it got a good PR and sell text links as a main source of income. It has already got backlinks:

    Traffic Details


    Starting Bid: $100
    BIN: $400
    Reserve: Mid XXX

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    Please see the auction rules at

    Rules regarding auctions:

    Auctions must be conducted under the following guidelines.

    If you are selling:

    1. If you have a reserve, start the bidding at your reserved price.
    2. Clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.

    3. State accepted payment methods.
    4. If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread.
    5. End the auction at the end date and time you stated. Or when the "Buy It Now" price is reached, if you listed one.
    6. Transfer ownership to the winner.

    If you are buying:

    1. You are responsible for the bids you post. Bid only if you plan to buy.
    2. Publicly post your bid.
    3. If you win an auction, pay the seller.
    Please update this thread with the required details.

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