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    [Hire Me]Billing Installation/integration/configuration/audit- $10 each,etc

    My name is Austin. I have 8 years experience in Web Development. I have done quite a bit a work for those in the webhostingtalk community, and I have quite a few references I am able to provide on request. Below I have provided my services.

    Layout Slicing and Coding:
    $10.00 per psd

    Billing System Installations
    I can install any of your billing systems for a fee of $10.00.

    Billing System and Script Integrations
    I can integrate any billing system or php script into your existing layout for a fee of $10.00

    Billing System Configuration
    I can configure your billing system to work how you want it to for a fee of $10.00, and I will also be available to answer questions you may have in regards to learning your system.

    Php Scripting
    I can also make small scripts such as custom contact forms, etc for $5.00 a script.

    Technical Support
    I can also work as a level 1, 2 Technical Support Representative. I have worked along side many hosting companies, and I am able to provide references for my work. I also have a extensive resume available on request.

    Level 1 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.50
    Level 2 Tickets/Chat Request - $0.75

    Note: I can also do Sales/Billing related questions. However, I will not work for commission based rates.

    Verifiable References:

    "I would definitely recommend his services. He installed and setup ModernBill for me. He was quick and professional all the way. We even ran into problems with my server -- he didn't charge me extra or complaint at all! I'm definitely going to be sticking with him for everything he'd like to do for me! Thanks again for the help!

    Breck Burgess

    More can be provided on request.

    Contact Me
    - Private Message
    - Aim = Highere
    - Msn and Email - Ask


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    Added you to AIM. Add me gameunit

    Always have work


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