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    Which provider should I use?

    Hi, there are so many dedicated hosting companies out there, I can't keep looking everywhere so I would appreciate your advice and some words about the hosts if you are already using their service.

    I am looking for a host which could provide me a lot of bandwidth > 2000gb/month and preferably 100mbit connection per server but I don't need some powerfull hardware (1.6-2.0 celeron with 512mb ram would be good) for around 50-80USD/month (CentOS, no CPanel, not managed, stable speed, US/CA).
    Which company should I use?

    Thank you
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    look for shared bandwidth and cogent... otherwise 2000gb of B/S is over 6mbit. and that cost real moolah.

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    With 2000Gb+ B/W blow $100,it is likely to be a bad network.
    quality network will raise your charge.

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