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    Lunarpages email problems?

    I am currently experiencing caller sendout verification errors in my email when sending from a LP hosted domain to another LP hosted domain. It seems to only be happening when I send from domains that are resolved through and ns7 (2 in my specific case).

    I have 3 services with LP (not to mention have recommended numerous others), and have also noticed that their tech support seems to be either understaffed of late ( I received a reply to my URGENT support request explaining their delay as .."we are currently experiencing a large amount of support requests and so it is taking us a little longer to process requests.") Or there seems to be some kind of issue going on that they are not being upfront with.

    I do know that they have recently switched the IP's for the ns6 and ns7 name servers, so don't know if that is related.

    I am just curious to see if anyone else has experienced this email error with them, and does it seem that their support is somewhat less responsive than before?
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    Did you get this resolved? I'm having the same problems - but I think I noticed it about 6 months ago - just didn't put it together. Lately I've been trying to deal with techsupport by email and not having any luck. I've had a couple responses but so far nothing to indicate that they are working on the problem.

    I'm also getting these errors from servers not hosted on LP. For instance, is reporting these errors to an email account I have there from lunarpages. I've had problems getting web forum confirmation requests back from various domains not hosted by lunarpages - another example . Basically, if I want to sign up for a mailing list or online forum, I cannot use my lunarpages email account.

    I'm actually considering moving even though I'm probably paid up for a couple years...
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    hi hunky~

    yes this was FINALLY resolved, however it took almost a week to do. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how u look at it) I actually had technical control of all 3 sites on LP that were having the trouble, so I set up a test account and told them to try to send to my other LP service, whereby the email would never be delivered.

    They kept stalling by asking me for the headers of the email, even though the account I was sending through was the squirrelmail interface on their server, and they could easily verify. So, I just got them the cotton-pickin headers, and then was adamant about them attempting to send an email through the test account I set up on their server to the other hosted domain on their service. Well, they never did that anyway, as they probably saw in the exim error logs that the email address was being rejected. All they said was that they were escalating my ticket to the admins, who probably just whitelisted the domain I was sending to through their exim configuration.

    Thereafter, they just replied back with the standard "it appears to be working now" bit, without explaining anything. VERY disappointing to say the least. I didn't really have the time to track down what was technically wrong on their end(that's what I pay them for) as I am busy with a hundred other things, but I can say that it has made me start to look for another hosting company (have been looking at a small orange) once my renewals come up with them.

    If u want to view the full support ticket, email me at [email protected] and I will send it to you.

    Hope u get your issue resolved.


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    I've been outsourcing my emails to Google Hosted, and it works really great. That may be an option if you want to keep the hosting, but having the emails in a 3rd party.
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    thank u for the offer. i briefly perused the "Google Apps for your domain" ( am assuming this is what u meant). This service is free?

    This may be a good option if that is the case.


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    Yes, it's free was the old url, that now redirects to
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    wow, this is a great option! I appreciate the tip, and will advise several clients of this.

    I will thoroughly read their documentation for this ( i hope it is just a simple matter of pointing my mx record to the fqdn of a specific mail server to use it)

    thanks again!


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    I love it! And the setup takes a few minutes
    I'm using for some time and I wouldn't replace it for anything (and I'm a supporter of email software like neomail). Google did a wonderful job there.

    Hotmail provides a similar service, but you have to check your emails at Hotmail. I do prefer Google Apps / Hosted for my professional emails.
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    Ok, I'm struggling with a bad email problem still with lunarpages. This googlemail thing may help. I'm used to using IMAP so hopefully if using this service I'll be able to access my older messages still from anywhere. This could be it - I've started looking through the site link you provide - many thanks. I do have a googlemail account and am used to that interface as well as POP'ing it to my email client at home. If traveling I still have all my old messages there.

    I'm paid up for a year and a half more with lunarpages so don't really want to switch if this mail things works.

    cheers, Jim

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    I use Google Apps almost since they made it available, and I'm very happy. Nonetheless I sent this thread to a LunarPages representative so that they may try to help.
    Have a good night (it's 1 AM here, time to rest a little bit).
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    Coupons, (when you wake up tomorrow...)

    I must report that just this past minute the dam broke on my lunarpages email account and all the backed up messages still bouncing around the internets flooded into my inbox. So lunarpages apparently fixed it - I hope they let me know what they had to do.

    So, I no longer have need of this google aps mail. But, since you say you love it and have used it, care to elaborate why someone might be wanting to use it? I have an open mind on this and curious why you love it. I realize this is off topic but one post shouldn't hurt, or I could give you my email. (since it is working now!! )

    cheers, Jim
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    Hello Jim,

    Glad that everything is fine now
    As to Google Apps I like it because of... everything. I really like Gmail, and having Gmail for my domain is a dream come true. I like the interface, I like the catalog and search hability the way they use, I like the excellent spam filters, etc.
    What can I add? Just test it for yourself in another domain that not your main one
    I hope they continue to provide the service for a long time...
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    Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

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