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    Thumbs up Solidhost VPS review

    I have a VPS with Solidhost for about 6 months now. I've always
    considered them to be a pretty good company to deal with, but never really had
    anything to do a detailed review about, other than stating they're a good
    However recently I had a couple of problems with my sites. I had been
    trying to solve the problem since 4PM in the afternoon and worked on it all
    night and I just couldn't figure out what was wrong, while I've been working
    with linux for years. It literally caused me a headache until I realized that
    the service I'm paying for is managed, so I figured I'd ask SH for help.

    I submitted my ticket at 11PM local time in Brazil.. them in holland are
    2 hours ahead. I figured I'd probably receive a response by the next
    day,so I submitted it before I headed off to bed. After I submitted the
    ticket someone started talking to me on MSN, so I stayed on just a bit longer.
    Just before I finally wanted to shutdown my computer (which was just like 5
    minutes after I submitted the ticket), I saw that one of the solidhost
    techs had already replied to the ticket to say that he was working on it, so I
    decided to stick around a little longer to see what would happen.
    Another 10 minutes later he reported back that he had found the problem and fixed it.
    On the one hand I was very delighted that the problem was solved but I
    just felt a little embarassed about the fact that they were able to solve it
    so fast, while I had been puzzling with it all night. And in the end it
    just turned out that it was just a mod_security filter that was blocking the
    request, and that's something I installed myself a couple nights before.

    Now last night at around 10pm I got a phonecall from Solidhost. They
    told me here was a complaint about a phishing website (impersonating to be a
    citibank site) on my server, and they hadn't received a response to the
    complaint that their abuse department forwarded to me earlier that day.
    I explained I hadn't read my email yet that day, and that I wasn't able to
    come online at time. So they suggested they'd login to my VPS for me and
    fix the problem, they just needed my authorisation for that, which I gave.
    About 30 minutes later they called me back to let me know they fixed the
    problem, and that they also found several hacks running on my VPS which were
    using lots of bandwidth as they were leeching some movies. They removed the
    hacks for me and even closed the security holes, without that I had to do a

    The next day (today) I checked everything out and see that everything is
    running fine. I'm not sure how much bandwidth those hacks were using,
    but if they hadn't fixed it for me, I think I'd have gone over my traffic
    allowance easily. I think that many other providers would have tried to make a
    quick buck there by letting me get bandwidth overages, but these guys did the
    right thing and helped out a customer in trouble. I think that says a

    The reason I left my previous host was that they had shut down my entire
    server after I hadn't replied to an abuse issue for 12 hours (while I
    was sleeping..). It's just so refreshing to see a company take an approach
    like solidhost did.

    Next time I have a problem I won't be looking for the problem all night,
    I'll just open a ticket and ask for help. I prefer to do everything
    myself, but I feel really good about having the possibility to ask for help if I
    ever need to.

    Final verdict: 10/10 I think many hosts can learn from these

    Due to the adult nature of my sites I prefer to not post the links here,
    but I'd be happy to send the links to a moderator to show I'm a real

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    I can agree with blubb ive been with solid host for about 2 months and anytime i have a problem i use there support desk and straight away i get a responce and a fix. The server is nice and speedy and the staff are always willing to help out even with stuff you wouldent get help with normally.
    I would recomend solid host to anybody wanting a VPS server for there buisness.
    Reliable Web hosting

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