I am currently located in NY looking for a remote position in related fields. I am currently searching for a job in Upstate NY, but thanks to the Business economy here, it might be some time.

I've attended school at Buffalo State (NY) for 2 years ( 2 years at a small school) for my Computer Information Systems Degree, Finishing it up online currently for few non Major Credits. Classes i've taken:

Introduction to Computer Administration
Introduction to Computer Networking
Introduction C++, Java, vb.net, CSS/HTML
Very extensive study in all MS Office apps (PP,WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS)
Oracle Database( Creating, Searching, Selecting, Into etc etc.)

Personal Experience:
I have used Cpanel, WHM, Direct Admin for about 4 years on and off.
I have experience setting up game servers, some linux OS's, setting up some degree of network options.
I have installed VHCS, Various Php scripts, and a mess of other things.
I use and code HTML, CSS, and PHP as a hobbie with personal sites.
I have some experience working with various Ticket systems and live chat systems.

There are many other things that I probably left out but feel free to ask.


E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: xch3st3rx