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    GalaxyvisionsColo Experience - thumbs up

    We recently migrated our internal data center into Galaxyvisions as a colo customer.

    Initially we leased a server from then to review and understand how they truly operate and respond to issues. I must say we have been nothing short of amazing on the support side.

    Based upon this we decided to colo some of our equipment and have been equally impressed. The sales people worked with us to avoid the fear of a huge bill at the end of month and proactively reviewed our bandwith usage and requirements.

    Staff onsite was great, courteous and very knowledgeable.

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    FYI is owned by the same individuals as WebHostPlus. Stay clear, this is obviously someone them planting positive feedback. Mods, if you need proof, please PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkface
    Mods, if you need proof, please PM.
    You can contact us at
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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    GalaxyVisions - Thumbs up

    Not quite who is related to whom. I can definately say after being onsite and speaking to the network folk, the colo is solid and reliable. Response times have been amazing and truly availiable offer hours.

    If you need additional details or have questions, please let me know,


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