My World of Warcraft clan needs text adverts in order to maintain costs. We are looking for ads from anything computer related, and preferably warcraft related.

We have around 550 Uniques a month (only 60 guild members so this reaches many people) and about 2200 visits a month. This number used to be twice this, however due to the impending expansion people have become bored and stopped logging on. However know with the expansion out and the revamp of the forums we expect them to shoot through the roof with around 1400 uniques a month.

The entire web-site is a vBulletin forum system. We are looking for about only 3 or 4 ads.

All ads will be displayed on EVERY page of the site, and we want a simple price plan, we accept Paypal payment only.

$5 per month for an ad at the bottom of every page
$10 per month for an ad at the top of every page

The web-site has been around about a year and the guild even longer, and we are the longest running guild on the server, with no intention of going away soon.

We are giving discounts on people placing ads for 3 months 6 months and a year.

Here are the statistics for the past 6 months, from when we switched to our current host. If you would like more detailed stats please PM me.

30% of our visitors add the site to favourites and login periods are hours rather then minutes. We are in the process of moving to a new server as the current one is very VERY slow. Your ads will be first displayed and start the countdown when we move to the new server, which is in a few days.

If you have any questions please reply to this thread on PM me,

Thank You