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    Please review this site!!

    Hello guys,

    I am pretty much finished with this website for my school and was looking for opinions on what you thought. I am pretty much limited on when I could do because I had a mandatory template to use but if you see any errors or have any other suggustions please let me know.

    The link is:

    Thanks for all the help!!

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    First web page i assume. Every outside of the page is good. Everything inside is pretty bad.

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    what do you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohamoud
    First web page i assume. Every outside of the page is good. Everything inside is pretty bad.
    I don't understand that either. Perhaps you wouldn't mind elaborating a bit more?

    Personally, I think its very clean, simple, and nice! It serves its purpose for a college/university. It fits in with the same style of many other university websites.

    I would suggest doing something with the left side. Perhaps a bit more structure (somehow) as it seems like a lot of links to me, in one area! Also, the images in the middle of the page seem a bit pixilated.

    Besides that, the side navigation on the inner/content pages are a different style and I think (honestly) flow a lot better compared too the side navigation on the home page. As I suggested above, try touching that up a bit!

    Other than those few aspects, great work! I love it!

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    The pictures at the "Environmental Safety Staff" page look squeezed into a certain format also the original pictures might have a different ratio (length/wide). That makes the site looks strange at least (f.e from Shane Sasser - Student Assistant)

    As for the form at
    I would wish that you can do better than that.

    I guess what "mohamoud" meant was the initial idea of the informations structure is nice, but the implementation of those ideas is yet poor.

    The homepage is functional, but could be much more professional f.e design etc.

    You are at a point now where you will need to work out the esthetical details (which usually takes some time).

    You are quite not there yet, but probably on the right way.

    Good luck !!
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    Thanks for the suggustions guys, I will get to work on that!!

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    I think you must have a footer to make the page look more compact.

    Also some photographs are not displaying well due to height/width mis-adjustment.

    e.g chk image of Shane Sasser - this has got compresses in width making the image disproportionately enlarged in height.
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    The menu seems a bit overbearing. Have a look at something like and see how they split their menu up in to sub-navigation.

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    It looks great. Very crisp.

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    I appreciate all of the feedback. I made most changes to most of the suggestions. Here is what I did:

    • Added Footer
    • Added Goggle Analytics tracker
    • Tried to organize links better
    • Added contact to bottom of sidebar
    • Linked the large images

    Here is some things I stall want to do
    • Fix the staff page
    • Validate code

    I will kindly appreciate it if you give me final feedback before I go live with the page. Here is the link again

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    Thumbs up

    Over all design is quite descent specially considering the nature of site...i like it but i feel perhaps if you work on the body part bit more it will make it even more nice.
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    Yes, more effort should be put on the body content. It would be better if it's more informative (e.g. introduction) and compact.

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    Nice site, and I agree you do need to change around the images since they are a bit pixelated.
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    Nice site needs more work.

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    I like everything outside of content area.. I'd suggest you make some workaround on your content area layout.

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    I suggest adding a bottom border, or background color with margins to the nav links on the left.

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