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    Dedihostplus late?

    Hi I ordered a dedicated server with on sunday and I paid at 12 noon (IST) I was told that it would be ready in 24-36 business hours but still after 50+ hours after payment and 38+ business hours, its been nt ready. (Time is 4.30 PM IST of tuesday) I made contact with owner on msn and he said it would be ready today. He told me that cpanel installation takes 3 hours and blah blah blah He's offline atm. as I am using windows messenger(Live dun works for me) Can someone post me what should I do or any reviews about that company yet? Looking forward for your valuable replies Thanks, Mayank His email/msn is [email protected] Please tell is he's online atm or not
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    I happen to personally know the owner of that company and I had told him about this post and what he told me was this:

    Your PayPal Name did not match the name you used to sign-up with, and apparently your MSN name was also something entirely different altogether. And also seems like your payment method was PayPal Echqeue, and all these being bundled with the very high fraud score that his billing script detected, he decided to refund your money and cancel your order.

    Have a nice day.

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