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    Two established websites for sale: PR7 and PR6.


    I'm selling two websites:
    - (and its mirror

    Both websites are fully automated and the only maintenance you need to do is update prices for flowers website once a month (update script is in control panel).

    - is an affiliate website for Average income is $100/month without advertizing, it was $300-$500 when I was spending about $100/month on google adwords. Revenue varies a lot from month to month.
    - revenue comes from adsense and clickbank. adsence revenue is about $100/month, clickbank revenue was only $200 for last 12 month.
    (see detailed revenue below)

    Websites age:
    - Both websites are slightly more than a year old. They were created by my former business partner, then in spring he retired from web stuff and I took them over.

    Coding and design:
    - Both websites are custom coded and designed, there are no copies of those websites anywhere. I will provide psd files.
    - Websites are written in php and use mySQL for database.
    - Websites have control panels where you can add/remove/edit products/lyrics.
    - You will need a dedicated IP address for hosting because uses subdomains for different artists. Anyone with a reseller account or VPS has it, so it shouldn't be a problem for you.

    - Both websites use mod_rewrite to make .html pages that redirect to php script. Websites use tableless design with correct keywords in urls, titles and <h1>.
    - has google PR 7
    - has google PR 6, its mirror has PR 4.

    - There are more than 11,000 links to flowers website and about 10,000 links to lyrics websites according to google. 56,400 and 60,400 according to alltheweb.
    - All links come from different forums that use one of phpBB styles that has links to my websites in footer. I did not buy any links.
    - Most links to flowers website have "flowers online" keyword for link, links to lyrics website have "music lyrics" keyword.
    - Those styles with links are downloaded daily by many more users from number of phpbb support websites, so number of links won't suddenly drop when you buy websites, and considering that those forums are constantly growing, it should increase.

    - I will consider offers above $3000.
    - My goal and buy now price is $5000.
    - Buy now price is higher than yearly income because websites are fully automated, so you don't need to do anything and because websites have very high page rank even though websites are relatively new.
    - I'm selling websites as a package, but I will consider selling one of those websites separately if offer is good.

    - Payment will be done using service.

    How to contact me:
    - Send me a pm with question
    - msn: msn at trushkin dot biz
    - icq: 81296610
    I'm online during day time, european time zones.

    Detailed revenue:

    google adsense (lyrics website):
    Dec 2006: $107.76
    Nov 2006: $92.61
    Oct 2006: $98.17
    Sep 2006: $94.50
    Aug 2006: $102.53
    Jul 2006: $93.39
    Jun 2006: $119.49
    total: $101.21/month, $1214.49/year
    I do not have stats before June because then I was using adsense on several websites without channels.

    clickbank (lyrics website): $200.40 over the year

    flowers affiliate revenue:
    Dec 2006: $45.16
    Nov 2006: $116.87
    Oct 2006: $134.99
    Sep 2006: $43.13
    Aug 2006: $39.95
    Jul 2006: $59.70
    Jun 2006: $142.73
    May 2006: $184.61
    Apr 2006: $115.27
    Mar 2006: $387.53
    Feb 2006: $545.11
    Jan 2006: $318.81
    total: $2133.86/year, but first 3 month I was using google adwords for one of products, on which I spent about $300-$400 over that time. I was using adwords for only one product which I found to have good convertion ratio, and I was using it only for few month when I didn't have enough backlinks to put website on full automation.

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    I am very interested, i've added you on MSN to chat a bit.

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    so your buy-now price is a 3x multiple on annual profits.

    that's a little aggressive for an ad-supported website.

    1-2x seems closer to what its worth.
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    Yes, it is aggressive, but I've sold it within 2 hours after opening auction. Also I've got few backup offers that are slightly higher than buy now price in case if sale fails.

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    22,738 is PR 0. Can you show some evidence that it's higher than that, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bear is PR 0. Can you show some evidence that it's higher than that, please?
    It seems like he built all his SEO ranking using the "www" version, hence does have a PR of 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bear is PR 0. Can you show some evidence that it's higher than that, please?
    Check www subdomain.

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