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    BurstNet - Making People Look Bad

    Hello everyone. I want to let you know about the expeirence I had with burstnet technologies. Here is some things I want you to keep in mind.

    1. I never placed an order with them
    2. I never knew about them

    and now they are posting all over the WHT forums that I have fraudulently ordered stuff from them and that is not true. I have never even heard about them. They are trying to ruin my business, and I tell you right now burstnet, please drop this, I am not a scam artist or a theif, I am a legit business man trying to make money and a sucessful business.

    Again burstnet will frame you, so make sure you info is nowhere on the web.



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    Do you have any links?
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    What is the exact story?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlineRack
    What is the exact story?
    I think this post explains it:
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    I am going to have to side with BurstNET on this one. Why would a reputable company go out of their way to tarnish someones reputation. I think not.

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    I guess any experience is unique and any things may occur to any company.

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    Definately siding with burst after seeing other threads by the OP which were obvious attempts to rip folks off. 1 thread he owns 3 servers the next 6 yet one just a tad bit older he had 20. Admins removed a couple threads after evidence was posted proving the lies.
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