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    Platinum Server Management.

    Hello people, I want to recommend platinum server they are by far the best people for managed hosting. They will manage your servers and more for less then $30.00 per server.

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    I dont know how presently they are behaving ( not sure about present status) but before a 2 year ago when we are with them with the $25 per server (which $30 right now) the do solve our issues but the thing is that ther response time is very less..... Which is not good!

    At that time we do not have chat support also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter-SexyWing
    I believe they don't have chat suport yet
    I always had a hard time getting a reply from them on anything.

    Moved on after 1.5 months.

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    We've never had trouble with their service or communication, and have been using them over a year now.
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    me too, ive been using them for over 2 years now and never had a problem, their support response times keep getting better too, keep up the good work platinumservermanagement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitul
    response time is very less..... Which is not good!

    lesser response time = VERY GOOD !

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