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    What is the best website design tool?

    Hello I was wondering what is the most easiest website design tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stcroixwebs
    ...what is the most easiest website design tool?
    Probably the very easiest "tool" is somebody who does the work for you.

    Past that, you'd probably want a WYSIWYG tool, like Micro$oft's Frontpage or Namo's Web Editor.


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    If you are looking for website coding then PHOTOSHOP is fine.But that need PSD creation and importing also.But directly you can create a design in HT ML form using microsoft Dreamweaver.It have a design part which is very helpful in creating layouts

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    i use adobe photoshop and adobe/macromedia dreamweaver and they are great. they are reasonably easy to grasp and both extremely powerful.

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    Well photoshop isnt for coding.

    Anyway I think Macromedia Dreamweaver and Frontpage are getting ancient with new inventions and products coming out.

    My favorite is Expression Web Designer from Microsoft which has replaced Frontpage.

    The BEST free tool is Visaul Web Developer 2005 express. Actually I think this is not free anymore, not sure.

    Expression is the best though.

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    My recommendation for the best website design "tool" would have to be using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

    I work with Dreamweaver and utilize various other programs such as InDesign CS2, Photoshop CS2, Fireworks 8, Dreamweaver 8, and Flash 8 Professional, but I've recently gone from using Fireworks 8 to switching to Photoshop.

    With the use of Photoshop CS2, you can really dive into the program and get creative when it comes to creating or manipulating images and effects. The program allows you also to export into a WYSIWYG Design editor of your choice, i.e. Dreamweaver, only to continue working on the coding aspect of the image.

    For example, if you want to post a picture of yourself smiling as a website. Well in Photoshop CS2, you can slice your teeth onto a layer then export it to a website. After doing whatever changes you'd like, you can make your teeth play a background song when highlighted.

    My recommendation for the top tool would be Photoshop CS2!
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    I recommend Crimson Editor or Notepad2 (both free) for coding and it is up to you what program you use for graphics such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp (free) and what not. A program does only so much when it comes to development of a nice web design. The rest is up to the web designer.
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    DreamWeaver MX is the program I've been most comfortable with, can't stand FrontPage
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    DreamWeaver is great, though it's a bit heavy. Nvu is also a nice free open-source option.
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    Visual web for design?
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    Seriously good designers use DW and PS together...

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    The programs which a designer chooses to use does not make them good designers. They are tools for a designer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonSCSN
    My favorite is Expression Web Designer from Microsoft which has replaced Frontpage.
    I just finished my first site with Expression Web Designer... what changed? Well, in Frontpage I mostly worked in the "design" view. In EWD I mostly worked in the "code" view. I can't really tell you why, but it just seemed to "make sense" to work in code view. After 9 years of design view (and some code view), I switch to mostly code view without any thinking at all.

    I like the new Expression Web Designer.... it is what frontpage 2003 should have been, and then some.

    I also own dreamweaver... it does not work for me. although, most of my friends use dreamweaver, and like it. I also have that disaster adobe golive...

    I like fireworks for graphics... photoshop is heavy, can't just jump into it. I also have that disaster beta graphic program MS produced... oh, goodness. I hope they fix it before the beta is over.....

    For something free, take a look at ... I think you will be amazed at this free product.
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    It may be hard to say what the easiest design tool would be.
    I think you just have to try a few and see what you like.
    If you are a beginner then Microsoft Expression may not
    be the easiest to start with but with a little time itís not so bad.
    I donít do a lot of web design and I donít know what the professionals
    use but I like notepad for a quick edit or small page, Expression
    for html and css and Visual Web Developer for my enabled sites.
    Photoshop for the few graphics I use.
    I know itís a bit of jumping around but itís the easiest for me.

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    Web Page Maker is also a good one, I have not used it much however it seems to be easy for beginners. However, I am still towards Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

    Note that WPM is not compatible with some browsers

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    As with all tools or instruments, you use whatever works for you. This usually involves trying and trying until you find the right ones. I and a lot of folks I know who makes their living building websites use the Photoshop and Dreamweaver combination. I'm not trying to push those two products but I know for a fact that once you master those two programs your imagination will be the only limit as to what you can do. Besides, those two products are so popular that support and tutorials are just a Google away.

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    Dreamweaver is the best tool for a no-tech to build a data-driven dynamic website. It`s dreamweaver that helped me build some great website without learning any programming knowledge.

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    Your brain

    The best tool you can develop imo. No matter if you use dreamweaver or notepad to code, or mspaint or photoshop to design... without a clear concept and design theory behind you, you'll go nowhere fast.

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    We prefer Dreamweaver over Front Page.

    But atleast some basic on-hand source code editing is always reqired if you need W3C validated page.
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    I use Adobe Photoshop and I think it's great for design
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    open template source - dreamweaver - php( smarty & MVC pattern) -> done

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    I've said it time and time again if you're going to get serious about HTML coding etc use notepad.

    A - You learn the code
    B - You don't need to rely on it and you may need to fix a clients site while you are at their store front etc
    C - IT COMES WITH WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't need to spend money on programs that do all the work for you. If you're serious about doing this as a profession learn how to code it and stick to it.

    Now as for the actual design my money is on Adobe Photoshop. Best graphics tool ever. You can't go wrong. That is the only thing you should spend money on for web design.

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