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    Thumbs up Windows 2003 Server Service Accounts

    I have a windows 2003 enterprise (180 day demo) server.

    I'm using it to host game servers (and i lighthttpd webserver).

    I'm using Deerpark Visnetic Firewall (no hardware router), NOD32, Spybot S&D, a keylogger and Process Guardian.

    I want maximum security.

    I've already done some registry hacks to prevent some DDOS attacks and ive read about running services under another account, i've created the account and added access for it to run all the system services (via GPO). My problem is that when the computer is rebooted, none of the services start, even though i put the username, password and gave the account full control of the service.

    Aside from this, any other tips on maximizing security?

    P.S. Im also using WinSSH to secure remote desktop and FTP.

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    are u sure that the services are not set to manual start or disabled ?

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    Is the user that you run the service under a member of Administrator or Power Users group? If not, try that and see if the service starts.

    You may require to modify the local policy and add the user account to logon as batch job or start services.

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    My guess is the user doesn't have the necessary permissions to start the service, as already mentioned.

    I am not seeing how a keylogger is going to make the server more secure either.


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    Are you sure you have given the account permission to log on locally?
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