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Thread: my music site

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    my music site

    Hi, a few of you have looked at this site before and made comments, so i have changed it.

    Then i posted it again, viewed your comments, and now i have done this one.

    Its only a small site and i am new to web design so dont be to harsh lol

    and i must admit, it does look kinda crappy

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    WoW! My eyes are starting to blink, reduce the animations and don't have 2 same menus(left & right)

    You need to need to really work on it as it's really bad(no offense)

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    I dont like sites that use default text. If your aiming for good design, don't get lazy, change your text around.

    For :56k: users it takes a while to load which is only going to drive people myself. Not everyone can afford DSL or Cable modems so you need to rethink of getting rid of whatever images may be slowing your site down.

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    OK, this one needs some work.

    1. Since I'm on cable, I didn't really notice any slow load times as posted by revatlanta, so I can't comment on that. Although it confuses me as to what could be slowing it down. It's not like you have an image-rich page...

    2. Definitely get rid of one of the menus (preferably the right one). It's redundant, and a terrible waste of screen real estate.

    3. You need a company logo of some kind. Lose the banners at the top, or at least just have a 468*60. Move it over to the far right. That'll leave about 300 px wide to put in a decent logo. Make sure the logo is on every page in your site (branding is important.

    4. And yes, don't use the default font. Use arial or something nice and clean. BTW, comic sans ms is not the best choice for your font in the menu (IMHO)

    5. In the content of your home page, you really need to have an opening statement of some kind describing what your site is all about. Your first words are
    Hello, welcome to The Digital Dream. If your new, Please sign up, Thanx
    Well, as a new visitor, I have no idea what I'm signing up for.

    6. Lose the popup ads!! Geez, it's bad enough to get one when you first go to a site. But you've got one on every page?? As a visitor, that sure as heck doesn't make me feel like navigating your site.

    7. At the bottom of every page, put a set of text links to all your pages, and also put in the standard copyright notice.

    8. Boy, are those popups ever annoying! I just closed the browser, and you've even got exit consoles firing off.

    That's all for now.
    Hope that helps.

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