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    very odd dvd rw activity....can you help?

    my dvd burner doesnt seem to work....

    when i try to copy files onto the cd to use the windows xp burn feature I get...

    problem copying message box pop up and it says...

    windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this file, what would you like windows to do?

    then it has the option to retry or cancel.

    I have tryed re try and get same message.

    I thought it was proberly a dogy reinstall of windows or somthing so, I tryed my laptop and ive got the same problem. which is very strange cause I know both my laptop and pc have taken these kind of cds before.

    I got brought some + r and - r dvds for christmas and tryed both them too and they too produce the same error message on both laptop and pc.

    any ideas?

    with two uni assignments due this week im not really in the position of having free time to do another reinstall on pc although it should work on my laptop as ive not done a reinstall on that for well...since i got it last aug.

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    What's the make/model? Have you tried a firmware update? I have a LiteOn drive that wouldn't burn or read certain newer media until a firmware update. Now not only does it read the media, but it burns faster to boot. Give that shot
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    Hello ,

    i had this problem befor you have to enable the recording .. sorry im not on my own pc .. its seems there is no cd/dvd writer on this one so i cant tell you exagtly what to do but think i know where it is :

    go to my computer on your dvd writer right click and go to propertise .. its should be a tab up their called recording or something go there and then you see a option to enable recording !!

    sorry about explanation i dont remember much ...
    hope it helps,

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