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    Advice on european colo

    Looking for rack space in Europe.

    Expecting to be putting through 500GB of data per month up to the server with 100gb per month down from server (yes more sent to the server than it sends out)

    The bandwidth would be spread out fairly evenly over 12 hours per day 7 days per week.

    Will be putting in our own servers and storage so need 3 amps (230V)

    Usual requirements, super cheap, super reliable, super support etc etc

    Assuming that isn't available I would trade off support for bandwidth as we will be using iLO on the server.

    Do any datacentres do deals on inter datacentre transport e.g. company x has two datacentres and thus if we locate a server in each datacentre we can get a discount on pushing data from one server to the other?

    Thanks in advance


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    Check out for UK colocation.

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    Hello. Where do you come from by the way? I suugest you look at DC in your region so as to will be able visit DC easely.

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    We are based in Ireland and colo here is expensive

    As an example a 4u space with 1 Mbps burstable costs 750 dollars per month inc taxes


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    Ok. As far as I know datacenters in Nitherlands provide cheapest solutions. Try to check out them.

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