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    Trying to get new leads?

    I'm trying to get more seo traffic to my site but not sure where would be a good source of advertisement. Adsense and publisher are flooded with seo consultants already. So if anybody have any suggesttions as far as to advertise a text link - seo sites, i would love to hear your idea.


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    Well you could try different approach in marketing such partnership. As in, you look for mid-tier design companies which provides web design but does not have the sufficient man power to provide their clients the "full package"

    Put up a SEO package that those companies can tie in together with their services. So they'll engage in your expertise but nonetheless you need to give a good refferal fee to those design company to have a reason to hire you.

    As to my understanding, a lot of design companies just develop websites but never take the effort to look into SEO. So this is where you'll come in..

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