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    Max 240 people online at the same time?

    I have dedicated server with a Swedish hosting company. We have a network/community website that can have about 300 people online at the same time. But as soon it gets to 240-280 people get logged out (Sessions are closed). The website becomes extremly slow.

    What can we do to have at least 2000 people online at the same time with out any session being killed?

    Do we have to upgrade the memory from 1 GB > 2 GB? Or do we need 10>100 Mb port? Unmetered server?

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    you should do the following

    1. tweak your Mysql
    2. Optimize your apache
    3. Upgrade your RAM
    4. go for an unetered port only if you are exceeding your current traffic limits

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    Upgrade your server. You will likely need a multiple server configuration for 2000 users.
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