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    Email Server required

    Hi friends,

    I am a new webmaster who is running a free dating site. Being a startup i am unable to invest a lot of dollars into it. Actually i am working as a software engineer and putting money from pocket,

    I am in need of a email server (for windows 2k3) which can be configured easily. If anyone who can donate me a Mail server for my site it will be greatful.

    My personal preference is Imail server 8.0 but now it is not available and the current version cost more than 600 USD for 25 mail boxes (30000 INR which is a huge money for me). I need maximum of only 5 mail boxes.

    If anyone who can help me in this please message me.

    - Albert

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    There are a few free mail servers out there. Try one of these.
    The Game Hosting Control Panel

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    I tried both but failed to configure properly,

    I tried twice but both times i failed to configure.

    can you help me online so that i can configure with ease.

    Looking forward for your reply

    - Albert

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