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    * and New Windows Reseller

    Hi all,

    In 2005, I signed up with ResellerGuru as a reseller.


    I have used them ever since, and to be very honest I have been very happy with their service. I have had very little if any problems with them. Their servers have been up 99% of the time and their support response has usually been within the hour if not quicker.

    However, recently we and my clients have started receiving a ton of SPAM. I have spoken to ResellerGuru about this and they say they are doing their best and there is nothing more that they can do. They say they use SpamCop, SpamHouse and Bayesian filtering to limit SPAM.

    In 2 days I have received 42 SPAM emails in one of our accounts. I have also received virus emails. I have also started having clients complain.

    As much as I appreciated and appreciate, their products and service, I think it is unacceptable to allow that amount of SPAM through a single POP3 email account. Altogether I receive around 100 SPAM emails a day via the POP3 accounts I use for my services.

    So here are my queries:

    1. Does anyone else using ResellerGuru have problems with SPAM?

    2. If so, any suggestions for a resolution?

    3. I think I may need to switch service providers. Can anyone suggest a good, reliable host that offers similar packages like ResellerGuru?
    - Unlimited domains
    - Windows Servers
    - Include SQL Server Databases
    - HELM
    - etc. etc.

    4. Does anyone have any experience with

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