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    MaximSupport Review - FFMPEG Installation (GREAT JOB HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    I got in touch with MaximSupports (AIM) WHT username MAXIUMSUPPORT. He did this job less than 2 hours and his rates were very reasonable. I went thru 3-4 guys before I met MAXIMSUPPORT and he was nothing but GREAT service. He did everything I needed done with FFPMEG. I could upload WMV videos, the sound was working......everything worked. I highly recommend his service guys!
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    I also had Tom "MaximSupports" install ffmpeg on my server. I had previously had 3 other support groups try to install ffmpeg without any luck. including my Managed server team. Tom did it right and did it fast. he also pointed out some problems on my server and gave me the right information on fixing them.

    Thanks again Tom

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    Tom was a good guy to work with.

    I was in need of FFMpeg & other dependent libraries for the video blog script & tom did a good job in installing those modules which worked with all formats of video files (including WMV).

    I would recommend him for such server administration jobs.

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    Thumbs up

    Maximsupport was used to install FFMPEG, Mplayer has issues and Tom managed to fix the problem quickly with a fresh install including all codecs and tested.

    The prices are great and will use again for other work.

    Another happy customer

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    Thank You!!!

    Great Service, Been back and forth trying to fix all the codec problems + the script installation and MaximSupport saved the day! hehe thanks alot for your quick and awesome service!!

    Another happy customer!!!

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    Just wanted to thank Tom for installing ffmpeg-php in our server. It was completed quickly and promptly as required. Tom was friendly and even gave us some good discounts, so contact him on messenger to get a better pricing. Thanks again !
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    Hi, is this guy any good an anything else?

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    Dear eddie,

    I do have almost 10+ years working experience from which i have been worked as Support Manager for very reputed Dedicated Server Reseller Company. I am sorry but i can not mention their name.

    I have good Administration Skillz with Linux and *nix alike OS.


    Best Regards.

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    Installed FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP for me on my dreamhost shared account. The script I bought off ebay seems to be a bit dodgy though but I'll try reinstalling it though FFMPEG was installed in just a couple of hours, good communication skills and awesome work.

    Other libraries and codecs and FLVPlayer was also installed. Cheers to Tom.

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    I have been running video share scripts ever since they were first released. Everytime I changed my server, I had to get someone new to install FFmpeg for it.

    I am happy with the service that Tom offered me. Everything was smooth, and pain-less. Excellent communication and service! I would highly recommend Tom to everyone for this task.

    If only I found Mr. Tom before, I wouldnt have wasted money on all those previous installations that I got done through

    I will surely get in-touch with Tom for future needs ..

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    I just wanted to add my commendation for Tom's service as well. He has gone beyond the call of duty in my case because it wasn't only server installations that I asked him to do.

    In any case, cut to the chase...Tom installed all modules for Youtube script on my server as well as installed the script as well, all while we were on Skype messenger. 1hr!

    Very conscientious worker and I will be using Tom for future jobs. Believe the hype when you read this thread.

    Thanks mate

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    I read about Tom's services while looking for someone to install ffmpeg and related modules on a server. I contacted him and he was very professional all the way. Everything is working to perfection on the server after he made the installation.

    I'll be using his services in the future as well. Very very recommended. Thank You, Tom.

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    I agree with the rest of the people here. Tom did a great job in installing the FFMPEG modules on the server required to run a media script and he got it done within the hour mark, very professional.

    I would highly recommend him if you're looking for someone to install these modules on your server anytime, any day .

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    Hello! Tom F <[email protected]> helped us set up a videos website that required the ffmpeg-php technology. The project was time-critical (the client allowed us a very very short time-frame) but thankfully Tom's response was fast and 100% reliable and it was a pleasure working with him. Top notch work and costumer care, Tom ! Like many here we are looking forward to work with him again. I recommend his services to all users in this forum and beyond. Five Stars.



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    ffmpeg project

    knowledgeable and responsive..will use again and recommend to all...


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    I contacted Tom wanting him to install mod_layout(). He quickly responded and quoted me a very reasonable price. Installation went smoothly and very quick. He had it set up to where all I had to do was edit some text!

    I would recommend Tom to anyone wanting this set up!

    CEO of

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    best web server manager and ffmpeg guru tom is the man!

    He helped me with my project and his speed and reliability is incredible. He is always available. Trust me hire this man for your job , he will get it done.
    I look forward to do business with him again, he knows how to handle youtube clones installations and server management.

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    Smile FFMPEG Installation in few minutes

    Wow, Had a good support in few minutes. I tried to install for a lot of time using lots of steps found on google but had no luck. Finally found Tom of MAXIMSUPPORT who did in few minutes. Hmmm... I guess 15 minutes.


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    FFmpeg install / fix

    Great work done by MaximSupport and will be using again for some more server work later on

    Really recommend, great job!

    <<Signature to be setup in your profile>>
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    we were having issues with converting WMV for some scripts using FFmpeg, Tom did an excellent job and fixed everything up promptly. great guy to deal with
    Highly reccomended - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
    Shared Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting, Linux VPS and Dedicated Solutions.
    SSD, Litespeed powered, R1soft, cPanel | Softaculous | Rvsitebuilder + FFmpeg, Mencoder, Mplayer, Flvtool2, x264

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    Thumbs up Highly Recommended Great Great Job

    Super fast service an hour after I sent email to see if he could do this he responded and imiediatley went to work on recompiling mencoder and installing watermark.c with ffmpeg so I could watermark my videos. I had previously hired another guy to do this and he couyld not get it working correctly. This guy had it done with in the hour.

    Thanks again.


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    Great Support

    I had tom redo all my tools for my website so members can see videos. I had some complications and Tom fixed this for us. Great support and i would return to him as soon as my other site is up. Highly recommended


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    we again had some issues with FFmpeg as setup got completely corrupted and we needed its extension on php5 also, Tom replied promptly and fixed everything within 5-10 minutes at a very reasonable charges including setup on php5.
    i would surely be using his services in future.
    cheers - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
    Shared Hosting, FFmpeg Hosting, Linux VPS and Dedicated Solutions.
    SSD, Litespeed powered, R1soft, cPanel | Softaculous | Rvsitebuilder + FFmpeg, Mencoder, Mplayer, Flvtool2, x264

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    I have to agree with everything said. Tom has been great.... Very easy to deal with and a very fast turnaround. We will certainly be using him again.

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    Tom from Maxim Support quickly installed FFMpeg and related modules onto our company's new server. The video upload and conversion script that our company developed on our old server, which had FFMpeg, now runs flawlessly on our new server.

    What amazed us about Tom was that he was always immediately available. We received a prompt response every time we e-mailed him, day or night. Great service!

    Thanks for your help, Tom!

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    Tom took care of me very quickly and everything seems fine. Super fast professional service. Thanks

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    Iím very pleased with this man. He did a great job in a very short time period and at a really reasonable price.

    Iím sure I will be using his services again. Keep up the good work Tom.

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    what's the link for the hosting company ??

    Thanks for you....

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    I saw this Thread after doing a search on Google. I sent Tom a message and he got back to me very quickly and had my installation fixed in no time. I will definately use his services again!

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    Tom "MaximSupports" did a really hard work for me in my server... He could make work a difficult and not simply installation of mencoder, mplayer, and more for a special project. Really he have knowledgeable. Another important thing is when he did the job, he was always on line and was notify me all the changes that was doing. Very responsive person, and very nice. Sorry for my bad english, my language is spanish, i am from Argentina. I recommend to all Tom services.

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    Curious, I can remember that I emailed him regarding pricing and never get response...

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    I have also had him install this. This guy is great and runs his business the way most people should. One of the nicest people i have even done business with, and did a good job install the script.

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    Quick Service!

    Tom provided a very quick install on a somewhat difficult Dreamhost server. Very quick install and online with me during the whole thing! Very knowledgeable. Thank you so much I really appreciate!


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    another stellar review

    Tom has done a fantastic job of resolving my issues. He spent the time, and worked with the script vendor to resolve my problems and just did a great job. He worked with my staff, as well.

    He really knows his stuff, and I won't hesitate to use him again, in the future.

    I have no reservations recommending him or his services.

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    Tom done great work installing mencoder and other components, there was some problems which were unrelated to his work and he helped with them also so A+ from me

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    I've used Tom for a second time to help my developers solve an issue we had with our server. Once again the service, and the solution were excellent. Tom is now firmly locked into my address book for future use.... Thanks Tom

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    Maximsupport installed ffmpeg, Round Cube and other libraries on one of my servers in an emergency, the work was extremely well done and quick.
    Thanks man, I will keep your email on the first page of my address book, just a little after 911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by visio View Post
    Maximsupport installed ffmpeg, Round Cube and other libraries on one of my servers in an emergency, the work was extremely well done and quick.
    Thanks man, I will keep your email on the first page of my address book, just a little after 911.
    What was the cost of theses installs?

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