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Thread: What u think ?

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    What u think ?

    hey all

    nice forum great peeps.

    i just wondered if some of you would take a look at my site and tell me what you think ?

    the site been up for about 4 mths now and im wondering what you feel would make the site more enjoyable or fun to come back too.

    also if you feel its lacking something im open to offers for advice etc,

    the site is


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    You should work on your color scheme a bit. You have a bad mixture of colors going on there. Pick a scheme with about 3 similar colors and go with that.

    Also, you should do something with your menu. It seems too plain. Liven it up a bit with graphics or something.

    Good job.

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    ok ill take a look and post back when we sort it

    thx for the info

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    ok i have completely revamped the site using xoop

    any other comments on the site or recomendations ?

    btw i dont have a clue with html or anthing thats why i used xoop and customised it

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    id change the header..

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    The design seems too plain for a gaming site/portal. All I can suggest is re-do the header/navigation buttons, and maybe add some images onto them.

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    The header and navigation buttons are a tab bit too big for my taste, try making them smaller and see how it turns out.

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    Honestly, I think you went a bit overboard with the shadows. While I'm not the biggest fan of 'inner-shadow', I recommend that you take it out. For your header, I'd take off the drop-shadow and instead still in a Bevel / Emboss. The scripting on the site looks good though.

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