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    Looking for reliable linux administrative help

    I need a experienced linux administrative that does not charge that much and that is reliable. Like right now I would need FFMPEG fully working on a few servers. Simple stuff like this.

    If anyone is reliable and charges cheap pm me so we can discuss.

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    please check PM

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    Thanks to all the pms. I had nothing but trouble with finding FFMPEG installer. The first guy ExpertUnx (aim) was horrible service. I paid him and he did a poor job, took nearly 6 hours! And the flash video was not converting at all and there was no audio working! I was so pissed about this and very frustrated. This guy than called me an idiot. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY!

    Later I got in touch with MaximSupports (AIM) WHT username MAXIUMSUPPORT. He did this job less than 2 hours and his rates were very reasonable. I went thru 3-4 guys before I met MAXIMSUPPORT and he was nothing but GREAT service. He did everything I needed done with FFPMEG. I could upload WMV videos, the sound was working......everything worked. I highly recommend his service guys!

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