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    Server load Question


    I have opened a new shared hosting account and I saw that the server load is all the time around 1.35 and sometimes 2.10 (2 CPUs) and the memory usage is 12%.

    My old host had server load of 0.35 (2 CPUs) and memory usage of 55%.

    The new host seems fine and the pages load very quickly. Should I worry about the 1.35 - 2.10 server load?

    Can some one please explain the normal and panic values of server load.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I wouldn't worry about the server load too much. On the other hand if you start to experience lag or anything else, you may want to contact the host to find out about it. However depending on the server hardware that load seems fine to me. The memory usage may be high due to backups.
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    That server load isn't to bad as HostFrog says, it could be you are one of the last accounts on a server and if so that load is fine. If they keep adding accounts to it that could be a problem for a 2 cpu server.

    Just keep an eye on it, and if it gets to high start asking your host about it.
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    I agree with HostFrog. You dont really have to worry as long as everything seems to be loading fine. However if you start noticing lag or loading problems you should contact support as soon as possible.
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    It's nothing to be concerned with, I'd imagine the server is a Pentium 4 with HT technology as only older dual machines have single cores / no HT.

    In this case you've got nothing to worry about unless the server load is over ~ 4.

    IMO ~2 is very reasonable.
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    Great, thanks to all for your your comments.

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    Which Kernel are you using? It looks like your RAM usage is very low... either you have tons of RAM or you have a faulty kernel that has bag memory management.
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    That type of server load seems perfectly fine. Don't worry.

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    Yea, I wouldn't worry about that load. Though contact the host if your site does get laggy.

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    I had a server that would average between 2 and 2.5 and no body ever noticed anything. I wouldn't worry about it unless you see slowness or any performance problems.

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