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    Thumbs up review

    I am using's scripts for a few months now, and I couldn't be happier. I just decided to write a brief review about their tools I'm using:

    MailScanner Service ($45 per server / one time):
    They install a bunch of antispam and antivirus tools (MailScanner / SpamAssassin with SARE rules / ClamAV / DCC / Vipuls Razor ), and a nice WHM control panel for them. You can control almost everything in MailScanner:
    Adding, deleting new rules,
    Creating server-wide Black and White lists
    Creating per-domain Black and White lists
    Checking the incoming and outgoing emails, real-time with MailWatch tool.
    Here are some numbers:
    When they first installed MailScanner Service, it cut spams almost 50% right away. After spending some time with MailWatch --which is itself extremely useful tool-- and checking the SARE scores in the headers, I was able to customize some of the rules, and added some my own. Eventually, 80-90% of the spam was cut.
    Using lots of system resources. But if you have a powerful box, this service is a no-brainer.

    ConfigServer Explorer (Free):
    This one is a REAL time saver, especially if you are a windows user.
    You can browse the server, create/delete folders and files, edit files, upload files, change permissions etc IN THE WHM!. It is like Putty tool, with all the benefits of mouse movements, highlighting copying and pasting etc. Plus just in case you lose SSH access to the server, this tool is a real saver.

    ConfigServer Mail Manage (Free):
    You can manage all the email accounts, all the functions of end user cPanel in the WHM. Create, delete mailboxes, changing passwords, quotas, setting per-domain filters.
    Real time saver. Before I got this tool, I was loging in cPanel with root password. Changing the user (waiting cPanel for swapping the user), making the changes in email accounts and filters. And swapping to another user. You can do same things with this tool in no time.

    I really recommend them. If other other WHT'ers using them, wil be happy to hear their opinions.
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    The ConfigServer Explorer is awesome. I haven't tried anything else.. but that one alone is a great tool.

    If cpanel had any sense, they would license his scripts and include them in the product. Then hire him.
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    I'm very happy with ConfigSever. They setup Mailscanner which is great.

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    Good review, I will be checking out their products

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    Personally, I am a "big" Chirpy's fan. Happy to see great reviews about his products.

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    this scripts is a very useful feature

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