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    Proxy - - Excellent Design - HIGH Traffic!

    Up for sale is the proxy Not only does it have an extremely good domain for a proxy (without the word 'proxy' in - therefore increasing it's available audience as it is more unlikely to be blocked by filters) but it also has a great design which allows for better monetization (including text link space and space for a 468*60 banner).

    It currently receives around 2000 uniques a day - 90% of this traffic being direct or from bookmarks (according to AWstats). Screenshot:

    It makes around $1/day through adsense, which I feel could be improved with addign colour pallettes and changing the layout (and also putting in another adblock.. maybe above the search bar). I also have several interested parties in purchasing text links and/or banners.

    BIN: $400

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    Very interested in this, please send me full awstats information.
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    PM Sent

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    Forgot to mention, I have an offer of $250. Please make bids in $25 increments, thanks.

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    I'd also appreciate AWStats details
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    Hi, please update your auction following the rules:

    Auctions must be conducted under the following guidelines.

    If you are selling:

    1. If you have a reserve, start the bidding at your reserved price.
    2. Clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.
    3. State accepted payment methods.
    4. If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread.

    5. End the auction at the end date and time you stated. Or when the "Buy It Now" price is reached, if you listed one.
    6. Transfer ownership to the winner.
    Good luck with the sale.!
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    How old is the site?

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    This is pending BIN right now. Thanks for all the interest. Thanks tuwebfacil - I'll remember to add all the info next time I'm selling something.

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