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    Register Fly changed my DNS

    Warning... check your domain name's DNS settings! I got to work today to find 90% of our domain names had the REGISTERFLY DNS.

    They suck so bad -- i really don't know what they are thinking.

    I've already moved a couple dozen domain names, but it appears I'll spend a couple thousand $ today to move them all. I can't put up with this anymore.


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    Were they expired that time?

    Have you verified if no one on your side's changed the DNS?

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    no... they were not expired and nobody would change them -- especially to all of RegisterFly's DNS. almost 100 domains were affected.

    Registerfly just sucks.

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    I'm not surprised.

    We just helped a customer transfer out about 50 domains from registerfly because all of them had their contact info changed...

    ... wait for it...

    ... to technicall support contact info.

    Yes, that's right.

    The contact info for all his domains was changed to use registerfly's name/address/email.

    I highly recommend that anyone who uses move their domains to any other registrar. There just can't be anything worse.
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