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Thread: dns secondaries

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    dns secondaries

    Are there any providers of bulk reseller accounts that provide off-site secondary DNS servers ? This could be a big hole in my plans. If there was down time, mail would bounce. Ouch.

    Failing that, does anyone know of an outfit that would just act as a secondary for your domains ? It might be worth it for the peace of mind.

    If not, hey there's an opportunity for you entrepreneurs with rack space scattered across the planet.

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    I'm not sure on any hosting companies with offsite dns services. There may be some out there, but I don't know of them. You may want to look at EasyDNS, though. They offer all kinds of DNS management service and can provide secondary services.


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    You might also take a look at EveryDNS. They also offer secondary DNS service. I use them for a VDS site that I wanted to run DNS on, but I only have one IP. I run the primary on my VDS and the secondary on EveryDNS. Works great.

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