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    I am currently looking to sell my Proxy site ( The site has not been promoted, however has been SEO. It has been recently renewed, it will expire on Sun 02/10/2008. It is currently registered at namecheap.

    The site is making some money via adbight, however not much. But it has not been promoted either.

    It is recieving substansial traffic, and is seeing a growing number of hits each day.

    Please follow the links below for details on (Traffic & Adbright)

    Please contact me either via email or PM with your questions or bids.

    BIN 600.00
    Will accept bids up until Wednesday 01/17/2007 8pm est or until BIN has been reached or offered.

    email [email protected]

    Thanks for reading my offer.


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    Sorry forgot the screen capture of the earnings from adbight.

    Thanks again,


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    Sold at BIN thanks for everyone's input.

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