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    Asian dedicated server reccomendations?

    My company is looking at getting into the resale of offshore servers and was looking at in Singapore which is appearently run by boochuan on here but he has not been responding to my PM/IM's.

    Anyone have experience with either or another Asian dedicated server provider?

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    Because of Taiwan earthquake i dont recommend untill cables are fully repaired. Internet is very slow in most of the Asia.

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    There are plenty, but of course you shouldnt expect to compare speed with US :p

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    Due to many specific reasons, sometimes people goes for servers located in different parts of the world.

    As of speed none of the US based server can compete with an India based server when serving people from within Inida, but yes an Indian server can not compete with US or UK based server when serving people in US or Europe.

    So coming to needs, most of the US banks that are also operating in India are having servers within India for serving their clients here, moreover some years back I read a news that Citi Bank was considering distributed grid computing as offered by Oracle, where the load for serving clients across the world will be balanced over servers spread across US and India, I am not sure whether they implemented that solution or not.

    Now that was about banks, I have also seen individual requests here on WHT and on many other forums for Aisa based servers.

    So it would not hurt selling offshore servers (non US), but yes they will be quite expensive as compared to US based servers.
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