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Thread: is this ok?????

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    is this ok?????

    i have a new design and need to know what u guys think let me no ok?????

    Thanx in advance

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    I'm assuming this is a new website for "web design" may want to make your caption a little more noticible ("Intense New Designs") because the first impression your site gave me was some sort of florist

    Also, you may also want to consider shrinking the height of your "header" graphic, because it takes up more than 85% of the screen on 800x600 resolution, and you want to deliver content to your visitors right away (not make them scroll). Hope this helps.

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    Yes that is a HUGE header! (althou it does not effect my 1600x1200 screen, like GetBoxed said.. I am sure its he** on the 800x600 screen) hehe
    Seems a little lacking in design (unless of course it is for a floral shop)

    Not a bad start.. I think it has potential just keep plugging away!
    Takes forever to get a site perfect (if that ever happens at all)

    Good Luck!
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