Now Hiring: Commissioned Sales Representatives has openings for commission-only sales reps, we are looking for a few good people to grow with us in 2007!

Host Vault is an Internet enabled company providing business class web hosting, email, dedicated servers, off-site backup, high traffic ecommerce solutions, mirrored site services, and more. These services are available locally, nationally, and globally.

Available positions are commission-based sales of Host Vault's products and services. For every product or service sold, there is either a one-time or recurring monthly commission (depending on item). As of note, there is no starting salary. Marketing materials are provided as needed. Higher commission rates are given after a 90 day review if sales show significant upward trends from the sales rep. Host Vault strives for lasting relationships with clients as commission rates will reflect signed contracts and continual sales to gained clients. At the same 90 day review, if upward trends are seen, costs such as gas, cell phone, and other expenses may be provided coverage for by Host Vault, decided on a case by case basis. Sales reps build a company, and as such, Host Vault has every intention to treat those reps reflecting their importance. All commission rates are decided on a case by case basis. Sales can be brought any way the sales rep sees fit.

This is an excellent oppotunity for anyone with sales or web hosting related technical knowledge and experience. We offer a range of web based services, so preference will be given to tech-savvy applicants.

You must be 18 years of age or older, as you are required to sign a NDA and provide a copy of a valid ID card showing age, birthdate, etc.

You must be able to communicate effectively both in spoken and written English. Speaking other languages in addition to English is definitely a plus.

You must be able to communicate daily with Host Vault senior staff via email, online portal, and/or AIM instant messenger. Phone contact is available depending on your needs for sales information or as a point of contact.

A dependable internet connection and excellent communication skills are a necessary part of this position.

Basic technology familiarity, willingness to learn, good attitude, sense of humor, and strong desire to gain sales and keep clients will go a long way in building a lasting relationship between HostVault and qualified candidates.

This position is commission-only to start, with room to advance to a salary position, please do not send cover letters asking for salary+commission. Commission rates are paid once a month for commissions totaling under $500.00. They are paid twice a month for totals over $500.00. Commissions are paid by either Check or PayPal at the preference of the Sales Rep.

Please send a cover letter and your resume to: [email protected]
If you have questions about this position, they can also be submitted to: [email protected]

Only selected applicants will be contacted.
Please include a contact phone number as well as your AIM ID.

NOTE: We will not be monitoring this thread.