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    I'm a newbie!!! :)

    Hello everybody!

    It's seems to me here is an awesome forum, isn't it?
    Hope to find here new friends and break-through ideas!

    P.S.: can you tell me why some of the forums are not available for me?

    Wish you luck, sun and much money!


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    Welcome to WHT, Helen. Some of the forums have minimum requirements in order to post (advertising forums), and there are a few that require Premium membership to enter. The requirements are found in the rules ( ).

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    Thanks for the link!

    As a newbie here I've just started thinking that it's something wrong with me ... But now I will read and get the necessary information! Thanks again!


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    Hi, Elen! The greatest forum on hosting with awesome members to learn from!

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    Even I can tell you this forum is pretty great to get help with info on websites. The best one Ive seen. Good Luck!

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    I am so new too. My number of posts doesn't seem to be going up either.Maybe if I wait a while it will change.

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