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    I need someone with MySQL/PHP/CPanel experience

    Hello... I need some MySQL/PHP work done. We use CPanel if that makes any difference.

    The first item is that I need something created to allow another person to easily upload an image to one of our website folders or the database without using FTP (i.e. web based). If there is an admin section where they (or us) can delete the old images that would be great too.

    The end result is that they will upload the image they want, then put the code on their webpage so that it pulls from our website.

    The client doesn't want to learn how to use an FTP program (which yes, I know would make life simpler for us) so I'm exploring this route.

    We will also have some other database needs if we can find the right person. We are on a tight budget and I don't know how long it would take someone to set this up so we can discuss cost at your convenience.

    Feel free to leave a message if questions and thanks in advance.
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    is this site fits on your needs

    if yes then contact us we can do work on your needs as i ahev checked that you need an image hsoting site (as mentioned in yuor post)
    contact us on msn at


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