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    MySQL 4.1.x - 5.x compatible ?

    I am going to move an account from a server running MySQL 5.x to another server running MySQL 4.1.x - will this be compatible ? I mean since we are moving from a higher version to a lower version, will there be any problems ? BTW, I will be using cPanel migration for this transfer.

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    you need to export the database with 4.1 compatibility

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    So this should be the command, right ?

    mysqldump --compatible=mysql40 -u user -p mydatabase > mydatabasedump.sql

    Just a doubt, should it be --compatible=mysql40 or --compatible=mysql41 ? And should I be running the command in the old server (with MySQL 5.x) and then transfer the account using cPanel migration utility ? Or can the command be run after transferring it to the new server also (i.e., from the server running MySQL 4.1.x) ?

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    Search the man page

    There is no compatibility option like mysql41.

    mysqldump --compatible=mysql40 -u user -p mydatabase > mydatabasedump.sql
    should work fine.

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