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    Mysterious VPS Cpu consumption issues - maybe io related?

    I am having some perculiar cpu consumption issues on my vps. I am running a 2k3 box with 960mb ram, sql and IIS. I am frequently seeing CPU use between 60-100% of cpu time for extended periods in task manager, however, no processes are using more than 1-10% total - i.e. I *should* be seeing <20% cpu consumption at all times however almost always is often 60-100%.

    Occasionally it dies down to mid 20s or 30s, but when its down that low typically my processes arent even using 5% accross them all.

    At any given time the total ram consumed is less than 350mb. Disk fragmentation is at 0%

    I ran some perfmon traces and foudn that there seemed to be regular I/O related spikes in the Avg Disk Queue up to 2 or 3 ever 5 seconds or so.

    I am only hosting a site that gets ~1000 unique visitors per day so there really should be almost no load at all.

    Does anyone think that the cpu consumption is IO related? So far the support response has been pretty poor, but then its a cheap VPS with alot of ram so I'm willing to accept avg. support if I can work aroudn or resolve this issue.

    I havent been able to install filemon to see whats happening as it complains about it being blocked from running.

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    Could it be a service (not proccess) running on your VPS that's causing the spike?
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    Could be I suppose - how would I best go about tracking that down?

    All the "Process" counters in perfmon show little to no utilization.

    I was hoping not to use the "Thread" object as I cant guarantee that when I start the trace the trouble causing thread will exist.

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