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    Intel and loudcloud?

    After intel is dissolving and loudcloud bought out, what do u think will happen to the demand in the market? is this a sign that is is becoming a bad area to invest in?

    Are companies going bankrupt and going out of business?

    How do u think the market will be affected or has changed?

    is it worth setting up a company in this sector?

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    The problem with companies like intel and LoudCloud was an overestimation of their profits and influx of new clients. This market is just like any other though thanks to the internet bubble hasn't been treated as such: there's a boom-bust cycle with peaks and plateaus for new clients even if you run a good business. Most of these guys tried to force their way to the top by throwing money everywhere they could. Bad idea.

    Get a solid business plan, don't spend outside your means, find your niche, and go from there.

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    Oh, and invest in RackNine, my technical staff are complaining they want shoes and a decent meal



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