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    Unhappy Need help with PHP errors!

    Hi. Thanks everyone for your help in advance...

    I have a VPS with Plesk 8. I installed a script called Dolphin Community. After I installed when I am trying to log in the admin page I get a blank page not even an error to check...I guess my script errors are not displayed..Any help how can i fix this to see what error I am getting...!
    thanks for your help!

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    Check in your web error logs for unusual errors about the script you installed and also check that script's instructions to see if there aren't any documentations about debugging.

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    Check their forums. might help you.

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    Many scripts disable error reporting as it could be a security problem. You could try inserting
    PHP Code:
     error_reporting(E_ERROR E_WARNING E_PARSE); 
    at the top of the admin script and see what happens.
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