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    Angry RoutHost: Avoid, possible fraudists

    I made the apparent mistake of signing up with Routhost. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

    After getting my sign-up e-mail, I noticed that IP addresses to access my account were missing, as was other vital information.

    This alarms me, as it raises certain flags, so I requested a refund. No answer. I submitted two tickets, and send direct e-mail. Still no response.

    I also opened a claim with PayPal, STILL no response.

    I spent 10 minutes in support chat with a guy who kept telling me to check my e-mail for a reference number, ignoring my repeated insistence that I never got one confirmation e-mail.

    Now, the guy simply walked away from the chat, and left me hanging.

    It looks as if I'll be out $11.95. Yes, it's a small amount, but it's the principle of the thing. At the very least, it is my personal opinion that Routhost should be avoided, as they are apparently quite adept at dodging customers.

    I've since escalated the claim to PayPal, and we'll see what happens. Yes, I realize it's a service, and I'm probably screwed, but I pointed out the money-back guarantee, and flagged it as fraud.

    Just another fly-by-night company to avoid, it would appear. Unprofessional, dishonest, and incompetent, based on my experience.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with RoutHost. I have read other reviews about them previously on the internet, and they looks like a reputable provider! Looks like you may have been one of the un-lucky customers.

    Just another fly-by-night company to avoid, it would appear. Unprofessional, dishonest, and incompetent, based on my experience.
    RoutHost (believe it or not) has actually been around since 2003 - almost 4 years in business I personally wouldn't classify as a "fly-by-night" operation.

    In any case, good luck getting this sorted out. Most likely they'll wake up when they notice the PayPal claim. I'm sorry to hear it has gone this far!

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    Are you sure you've allowed them sufficient time to resolve the situation?
    Try shipping them an e-mail and wait a few hours: It is a Sunday evening afterall & not all sales / billing hours (despite getting someone in livechat) for all companies are created equally.

    Filing a dispute with paypal already over a few missing details in the welcome e-mail is a tad overboard as well.

    Give them some time, sheesh!
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