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    Thumbs down Level of Support?

    Now I just need to vent a bit. I see companies claiming 24/7 customer support. I have been dealing with many customer supports since years. I do customer support myself.

    I just happened to have an issue with And guess what? The so-called customer support did not even bother reading my first ticket message. What's the use of 24/7 support if you just have to reply with your pre-defined messages?

    One day lost, I re-sent the message with a few more words added that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID what they are suggesting if they have bothered looking at my first message

    And to my surprise now here comes another reply which is completely screwed up. The issues relates to transferring domain away from godaddy, and the reply comes for transferring domain TO godaddy.

    What's the use of this 24/7 customer support??
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    Never had experience with GoDaddy before, but I agree with you...On a general note, I can understand the amount of support request daily to any large company, but it seems they spend 5 seconds reading it and don't even comprehend what the real problem is.
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